The sugar cane originates in the Southeast of Asia. This culture spread out from India to different areas of Africa and Europe, being established in tropical and subtropical countries. With the Arabic expansion and across the Mediterranean, the sugar cane arrived in the Iberian Peninsula, starting its culture in the ninth century. More than 10 centuries being cultivated in the plains of

Motril and Salobreña, thanks to the quality of the soil and the best weather subtropical conditions, make our environment the only place in Europe where growing the cane is still possible.

It is a perfect food to use in backing, cocktails and juice preparations or just to be chewed and sucked, which provides a lot of energy due to its high value in sucrose.

TRADEMARK: Tejerina, Tuki Frutti


> Stalks 15-35 cm, box 40 x 30 cm, 4-5 Kg
> Stalks 40-55 cm, caja 60 x 40 cm, 6 Kg
> Stalks 40-55 cm, caja turia 60 x 40 cm, 13 Kg
> Laminated cane unit on sale, 1 or 2 units

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