Our salad tomato stands out because of its bright green colour that moves towards bright red at its optimum time of consumption. With a firm, crunchy skin, it is a very juicy tomato with a lot of seeds. An intense flavour, with a perfect mixture of acid and sweet touches. It is grown in our greenhouses situated along the tropical coast of Granada and we have incorporated the latest technological advances to ensure the best possible quality with the traditional taste.

It is a perfect tomato for a delicious salad, served with our avocados and a good olive oil. We also produce plum tomatoes, especially in the summer months. It is essential in the Mediterranean diet to make the best gazpacho and salmorejo. It is also ideal to cook and to make sauces.


> Salad green tomato, type Beef. Varieties: Caramba, Anairis, Sigfrid and Vernal

> Plum tomato

TRADEMARK: Tejerina, Melaza, Tuki Frutti


> Socket box 60 X 40 cm Sizes: 20, 25, 28, 30, 32
> Box 40X30 cm, 4-6 kg 1/2 layers
> Plastic box petit, 6 kg
> Cardboard box 20 X 30 cm 2 kg

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