Our washed potato, early variety, is traditionally grown on the coast of Granada and Málaga, and it has got a much higher quality than any another conventional potato in the market. It is a product with a spectacular flavour. In short, it is a high quality potato, for a market in search of a different product.

It is distinguished by its thin, smooth, golden skin.

These potatoes are juicier and more compact. As far as its properties are concerned, the new or early potato provides a high vitamin C content and has got less calories, sodium and potassium than the old, conventional one.

That is why they are ideal for certain types of diet. It must be taken into
account that, as they contain more water, they are ideal for frying. They are hard and crispy on the outside and soft inside. They are also good for boiling, because they do not become mushy.

> Red skinned
> White skinned

> G 55+ mm
> M 28-55 mm
> P 17-28 mm

> Cardboard box 40 x 20 cm, 10-12 Kg
> Raffia or paper bags, 15 kg
> Sacos rafia o papel, 15 kg

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