Experience, expertise and competence are the hallmark that defines us in one of our main products. More than 25 years working with this cucumber make us worthy of a significant added value product, thus having managed to be a reference in our region in marketing and exports to all of Europe of Dutch cucumber.

The high nutritional value of this product makes it a “superfood”, beneficial for our health in general. It is low in calories with few carbohydrates. It provides a healthy amount of fibers, as well as vitamins A, B, C and E. It is also a source of
water par excellence, a unit of 100 grams contains only 13 calories , 97% is liquid.

TRADEMARK: Tejerina, Melaza


10 | 12G | 12M | 12P | 14 | 16


> Laminated

> No laminated (bare)


> Cardboard box 40X30 cm
> Ifco
> Steco

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